Join us for the University HR Study Tour in the UK May 2018

HR Global Innovations, a leader in Human Resource Development in the Higher Education Sector is conducting a 12 day cross-institutional and cultural HR development program in the UK for senior HR practitioners in Higher Education in May 2018. The program is also supported by the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU).

The twelve day intensive program includes:

  • Attendance at the Universities HR (UK) Conference to be held in Bristol in May 2018
  • Field trips to a select group of national organisations in the UK with briefings on UK policy context, higher education leadership and initiatives which drive current university HR initiative. These include the Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) and the newly merged agency which takes over from the UKs Equity Challenge Unit, the Higher Education Academy and Leadership Foundation
  • Visits to a select group of UK universities where participants will be provided with institutional briefings and case studies demonstrating thought leadership and innovation in HR in the sector and the sharing of ideas on future directions

The program will consist of up to a maximum of 20 delegates accompanied by HR Global Innovations facilitators and mentors. We expect delegates from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, other Commonwealth countries and the Middle East. The program runs from Monday 14 May to Friday 25 May 2018.


Why should you participate in this development program?

Higher Education providers now operate in a global setting and HR lHR in HE Communityeaders must look beyond their own environment and evaluate practices in an international context. While some HR departments struggle at times to keep pace with increased and new demands for services, there are many instances of progressive and innovative practices that contribute to business efficiency and facilitate the achievement of institutions’ strategic objectives. Conferences are valuable means of learning through presentations and workshops, but it is virtually impossible to replicate the environment and cultural aspects that provide the framework in which successful innovations and practices are developed and implemented.

Small groups of HR leaders from different institutions and countries travelling together and visiting a sample of progressive HR departments in different institutions creates a learning dynamic that cannot be replicated in other forums.

The development program accommodates both group learning and individual goals. It requires a high level of interactive participation by the attendees through a mixture of presentations, discussions, case studies, meetings and site visits. Participants are expected, through a combination of experience at their own university and knowledge of the HE sector in their country, to make the program a two way learning experience with the host institutions.

The program seeks to provide a unique high quality professional development opportunity for senior practitioners by:

  • Developing participants’ overall knowledge of Higher Education in an international context
  • Exposing delegates to innovative HRM strategy and practice and meeting the key players at those host institutions to assist with knowledge transfer
  • Fostering an exchange of views and expertise amongst participants in a global context
  • Enhancing international networks through delegate interaction and institutional visits
  • Collectively working on institutional case studies and developing new thinking and approaches to solving specific HR or institutional problems
  • Evaluating their own practice against international standards
  • Learning how other institutions HR departments are organized, resourced and deal with specific HR challenges.



The registration costs for a delegate to attend the program are as follows and cater for both shared and single accommodation which includes breakfast.

Registration Type Share rate (2 per room) Single rate
Full Registration  (ACU members only) £3,890 £4,190
Full Registration Non ACU members £4,140 £4,440

NB: All costs are in English Pounds. An estimate of the currency conversion rate can be found at:

The above costs do not include travel to and from London and the home destination as well as accommodation prior to and post program and the nights of 18th– 19th May 2018 which will be free time for delegates.


In summary registration will cover

  • One nights’ accommodation in London- including breakfasts (Monday 14thst May)
  • Three nights’ accommodation in Manchester or nearby environs-including breakfasts (Tuesday 15th May- Thursday 17th May
  • Two nights’ accommodation in Bristol including breakfast (Sunday 20th May- Monday 21st May)
  • Attendance, registration, accommodation and all meals at the UHR Conference including the Gala Dinner (Tuesday 22nd May- Friday 25th May)
  • Travel to and from Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and within London
  • On site visits to at least four Universities
  • Discussion with leading UK organisations and associations on the future of HR in Higher Education

Application Criteria

  1. Currently working in a higher education institution with a well-developed HR function
  1. At least 10 years experience in human resources with a minimum of 4 years in a senior role i.e. Director of HR (or equivalent), Deputy Director or Senior Manager with responsibility for a diverse HR portfolio.
  1. A breadth of experience across the HR function including strategic planning, program development and implementation
  1. Clearly articulated learning objectives from program participation
  1. Demonstrated support from senior institutional management


Application Process

Formal applications are open from Monday 13th November 2017 and will be assessed against the above criteria by the HR Global Innovations team – Liz Bare, Steve Daysh, Brian Mallory and John Steele. While there is no deadline for submissions, assessment of applications will commence on 27th November 2017 and places will be approved and allocated from the beginning of the next week (i.e. 4th December 2017) going forward. Note that the program has a maximum of 20 delegates.


Applicants will need to submit

  1. A covering letter of no more than 2 A4 pages (excluding attachments ) outlining:
  • A summary of their HR experience, qualifications and current career objectives
  • A brief overview of their institution including HR structure, resources and key strategic goals
  • A brief description of their current role including key accountabilities, achievements and challenges
  • An outline of the areas they would be seeking to strengthen or develop through participation in the program
  • Potential case studies they could bring to the program – e.g. successful recent initiatives or key challenges they are seeking to resolve.

(Attachments such as position descriptions, organisation charts are recommended)

  1. A full Curriculum Vitae
  1. A letter of endorsement from a member of the senior executive of the institution articulating learning and career development expectations from the program.


Contact Details:

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this program please contact:

Liz Bare: –Africa, Asia, Pacific and NZ

Steve Daysh: – Australia, the UK and Europe

Brian Mallory: – Canada, North America and the Caribbean

John Steele: – Australia, and the Middle East


Who are HR Global Innovations?

HR Global Innovations (HRGI) was established in 2010.  We provide advice and services to the education sector on a global basis with a strong focus on strategy, people and change. We work with universities, colleges and schools in developed and developing countries and collectively have completed over 100 assignments in the sector.

Managing people, systems, process and change is the specialty of our team of consultants.  Our expertise is practical, based on many years of in-depth experience as HR management leaders and experts in universities and government giving us a unique understanding of issues faced in the education sector.  We promote an environment of trust in our client relationships and will co-operatively seek the best outcomes for your organisation to make you more effective.

Further details about who we are and what we do can be found at:


Who are the Association of Commonwealth Universities?

The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) is the world’s first and oldest international university network, established in 1913.

The ACU has more than 500 member institutions in over 50 countries. From long-established, historic institutions, to those more newly-formed and still building their reputations, our membership reflects the vibrancy and diversity of the higher education landscape across the Commonwealth. What binds us together is a common belief in the value of higher education to society, the conviction that this value is enhanced by international collaboration, and a passion for rigour and excellence in everything that we and our member universities do. To find out more, visit  


HR in HE Community

The ACU HR in HE Community is a forum for all university staff working in human resources – from the most experienced HR directors to those looking to expand or develop the HR function at their institution. The community brings colleagues from across the Commonwealth together to share good practice, showcase ideas and initiatives, and discover potential avenues for collaboration. To join the Community or find out more, visit or contact


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