Our Methodology

Our methodology is based on developing solutions for your organisation aligned to your objectives and informed by our extensive experience.
We work with you to:
  • Define the assignment and finalise the terms of reference;
  • Ensure we have the capacity to deliver a timely and cost effective result within agreed time-lines and budget before we start;
  • Align our approach to your strategy and culture;
  • Take into account your strategic and operational risks;
  • Carefully establish  facts and draw conclussions using a suite of analytical evaluation  and mechanisms including SWOT analysis, document review, interviews, surveys and focus groups;
  • Provide timely and comprehensive reports detailing findings, recommendations and realistic implementation plans;
  • Discuss issues and our recommendations with you;
  • Deliver within budget, and;
  • Seek to ensure that in whatever we do, we engage, develop and enhance the skills base of your staff to ensure they have both the capacity and the motivation to be able to carry the work forward.

Our Approach to Change Management

We will work with your organisation to develop the approach to change managment that works best for your organisation. It will be based on the following model:

  • Rationale – define the high order/reason/s for change that can be communicated widely, covering people and process- including policy changes and technology;
  • Approach– engage people in the process to ensure buy-in, and as far as possible, enable them to chose what happens to them; keep timelines tight to minimise anxiety, and to avoid surprises;
  • Plan– establish a project plan with work streams of activity, timelines and responsible officers, identify dependencies and risks;
  • Team– help you to identify people from your organisation who are able to work in partnership with us to provide their insights and expertise, and to facilitate skills transfer
  • Engage and communicate– one work stream will be ‘communications and engagement’ to manage the expectation of different stakeholder groups and gain their feedback;
  • Reporting– provide regular reports against plan to the steering group and/or management;
  • Wrap up– facilitate a mechanism to ascertain the ‘lessons learned’ for future changes in your organisation.

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