Recent Work

Our consultancy and advice covers a wide base of human resource issues. Some specific recent assignments are detailed below as an example of the range of work we undertake.

  • A capability and capacity review of the HR and staff development functions at a UK University
  • Capacity review for a College in the Pacific
  • Review of the Finance functions for a Pacific University
  • Development and implementation of Performance Management Schemes in both the University and the primarary and secondary education sectors for organisations in the South Pacific Region
  • Investigation and dispute resolution at a number of universities and colleges
  • Organisation of program and speakers for an industry global HR Network Conference in October 2016
  • Recruitment of research mentors for a Research Coaching Organisation
  • Development and implementation of a new job evaluation and compensation structure for a university in the Pacific
  • Career management reviews for staff groups in institutions resulting in recommendations for development or change
  • Analytical reviews of the effectiveness of HR Policy, including benchmarking against best practice, and identifying whether policy users understand and implement policies and processes consistently and correctly.

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